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tomorrowpeople's Journal

Tomorrow People: An Ultimate X-Men RPG
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Welcome to Tomorrow People. This is a role-playing game based on the comic Ultimate X-Men. It begins the day after the events in issue #18.

The setup is as follows:

Your character will have their own personal journal, in which they post personal entries, just like you might post in your own journal.

tomorrowpeople is the out-of-character (or OOC) community made for the character's players to discuss RPG related things.

the_gifted is an in character (or IC) community for members of the X-Men. This community is where your X-Men character can post to get in contact with other X-Men, just like a regular community.

the_superior is an in character community for members of the Brotherhood or other terrorist offshoots. This is a community for the Brotherhood to get in contact with others in the Brotherhood, just like a regular community.

If you are interested in joining the RPG:

1. Check the list of available characters. This lists ALL of the characters we are currently interested in accepting. If you apply for character not listed there, you will be turned down.

2. Send in an application which includes your name, your livejournal username, which character you'd like to apply for, a biography for this character and a sample livejournal entry that this character would write to dilificus@hotmail.com

3. Wait for me to reply.

4. If you're accepted, tell me if you need a code and create your character's personal journal.

See? Not too hard.

Available Characters.
The Blob
Scarlet Witch

Taken Characters
Cyclops: cykeology
Marvel Girl: secretphoenix
Beast: heteromorphic
Wolverine: ontheotherteam
Nightcrawler: schoenhaesslich
Gambit: stealinghearts
Rogue: roguish_charm
Quicksilver: quickasmercury